Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Owned by seasoned restaurant veteran, Jack Barrow, 128 Pecan is a quirky little restaurant dedicated to simple, good food and friendly customer service. At 128 Pecan, we believe “It takes a village” to make a difference, and we mean it. All of our employees make at least $15/hr and are eligible for quality health, dental and life insurance after 90 days. We also give back to the community as often as possible with free community meals at Thanksgiving and more. When you eat with us, you’ll feel right at home.

Can I See a Menu?

Your wish is our command. Click HERE for our lunch and dinner menus.

Do You Take Reservations?

We pack in as much as we can in our small, independent restaurant! Unfortunately, we are unable to take reservations, and operate on a walk-in only basis.

why isn't anyone answering the phone?

If you’re calling during a busy time, then our hands are full, and our priority is serving our in-house customers. Please try again during off-peak hours.

Do you deliver?

No, we do not deliver.

Can you accommodate dietary requests?

We offer vegetarian and vegan options on our regular menu. If you have allergies, while we do our best, we cannot guarantee that dishes are 100% allergen free.

Are you hiring?

If you are interested in workin’ with the 128 Pecan team, give us a call or drop by the restaurant. We are old-fashioned that way… (276) 698-3159

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